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Three Business Tips about Taxation in New Zealand

Business Tip 1

When running your own business, GET AN ACCOUNTANT.  

  • Ask around, talk to other business owners in your town.
  • Find out whose good, make an appointment to see the accountant
  • Interview them to see if they "Fit you". If they don't go see another one.

Business Tip 2:

Get informed about taxation

Business Tip 3:

If you ring Inland Revenue before you start asking questions: Ask the name of the person you are talking to.

  • If you ring the taxation help line - Ask the person you are speaking with for their name.  Keep a record of their name on your Calendar.  
  • Make notes while speaking with people. 
  • To ensure your understanding of a conversation is congruent ask them to
    •  send you a "ruling" or
    • An email confirming your conversation with them
    • If the email is different to what you believe was discussed, email them back and start a discussion that seeks clarification
  • Finally ask them to make notes on your file outlining your discussion with them (written notes are helpful for future interactions)

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