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January 2019 has bought about a brand new start for me.   I relaunched my upgraded and redesigned website under the and domain names. 

For about a year I have been unwell and wasn't able to attend local markets.  Basically I was restricted to staying at home 90 percent of the time.   

With the emergence of the Chinese year of the Pig a new energy arose in me and my health began to improve. Thus far I have attended two local markets in the month of January / February.  I feel so blessed.  

I have a new website design, a new logo and a new focus for Curvaceous World NZ LTD.  In fact I have REBRANDED the company completely.  

"Luxurious fashion statement Jewellery"

Don't worry I still have an awesome range of plus-size necklaces, bracelets and accessories.  Including a new range of jewellery extensions.  

My new Motto is; 

The Beauty of a Woman is the Domain of the woman - What this means is; A woman defines her beauty, it is her domain rather than the domain of others perceptions of beauty.



"Be all that you can Be"


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