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Body Domain

I will admit it, I am quirky.  Nevertheless, my focus is informed and meaningful.  

I have found through experience that “The Beauty of being a Woman is best defined by the Woman” rather than others.

Too many “people” in the fashion and health industry have had far too much say on how my Body / Mind / Soul should look / feel and or operate.  This has never been ok.

I have learnt that by owning my “Beauty Domain” I control the meaning of beauty and its subsequent application to my life.  But first let me tell you about how I #tookmysexyback #ownedmybeauty

First I fed my body what it needs and healed it; (took me a few years)

Next I taught my mind a new way of seeing my beauty and integrated it within my body-(took me a few years)

Then I used the body and mind to act as a conduit for the expression of my Soul. 💥 (this part was easy 🌈🧚‍♀️)

This lead to my new found "Beauty freedom evolution"

It was years later that I formed my own beauty company, with a focus on all things "Bling", all things "Curvaceous Jewellery" and all things quality and value for money.  

I started my company with a particular  premise in mind,

I wanted my curvaceous #ownedmybeauty #imtakingmysexyback life to have and give meaning to others and myself.  


"The Beauty of a Woman is the Domain of the Woman,

Rather than being Domain of others”

#imtakingmysexyback #freedom


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