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Expression (soul) Domain

Expression of the soul -  is the joyful melody between the conduit body and the ever learning mind.  It is an allegory of dazzling dancing light fairies with a hint of Lavender and a pinch of dragons bane.  It is neither light or dark - but all. 

I cant define what is soul and what is spirit.  Nor can I tell you what they aren’t.  However; I can tell you what it is like to live a life with and without expression.  

To live without expression is like knowing the sun is shining- but your freezing cold and have no mittens.  

To live with expression is to live with joy and love in your body / Mind / soul.

Thats me in a bit shell.  I’m pretty simple.  


Catch u 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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