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Mind Domain

Achieving Success

Change your mind, Change your reality
Keys to a successful Life

I once thought this and in fact believed it with totality.  I held onto that belief as if it was a ship wrecked life saver. 

Then one day I got really  sick, and I stayed sick for 8 long years til today.  

I found out and realised;

That the mind is dependent upon and influenced by other factors experienced in life; and that the mind is only part of the solution to achieving success, achieving a GREAT and Joyful life. 

Then I learnt

  • If my body was ill and or in trauma no amount of “mental enthusiasm”, would help me.
  • If my Body was unable to act as a conduit for the Spirit - no amount of “meditation” would change me
  • and when my Spirit had no expression 
  • the Mind cannot be taught

Now I live

In my experience life is a combination of the Mind / Body / Spirit (Soul).

The outcome we call a life comes from balance between the three.

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